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Follow Me: Leading From The Front

How to use military leadership to succeed in business

Kim Kristensen has been in some of the most demanding situations a leader can experience. As an officer in the Royal Danish Army, he led soldiers into battle many times, where taking decisions was literally a matter of life and death. He has now applied his experiences of leadership to the worlds of business, local government and diplomacy. Leadership – especially during difficult periods – means having the courage to put yourself on the front lines, choose a direction and say: follow me!

The power of example is unmistakeable, writes Kristensen. He believes you have to lead from the front. You have to go first. Knowing that you’ll be there in both good times and bad – not just at the office party but also when the going gets tough – engenders trust and confidence among your employees. Basing his observations on his own experience, Kristensen also offers a range of effective tools to create a unique strategy with a consistent focus on tough training and putting together a dream team. This is the foundation of world-class leadership. The book also takes issue with ‘Rambo-style’ leadership and rigid discipline. Kristensen’s provocative message is this: you’ve got to love your employees. Ultimately, they are the ones who get results, and only when they know you care about them will they be willing to follow you through fire and water.

The “New Nordic Leadership” is the new leadership mindset. Follow it.


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How to use military leadership to succeed in business

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