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Here is a new blog post from Leanne Waters author of My Secret LifeKnowing what’s left to say abou...

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The Group
by Muriel Moran

Six middle aged men are brought together by their common experiences of survivors of the Irish Industrial Schools. From their silent, estranged world of reality and relationships they bond together in Group Therapy. Survivors of their own childhood nightmares they discover they have one thing in com ...

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Gala Day
by Lissa Oliver

Pete Allen is a thirty-something jockey whose once glittering career is now faltering. He yearns for the success and respect of his past and hopes his new job as jockey to Sebastian Churchill will restore his reputation. But owner Walter Casburg prefers b ...

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A Prayer Before Dawn
by Billy Moore

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Miss Bangkok
by Bua Boonmee with Nicola Pierce

Miss Bangkok uncovers the hidden world of a go-go dancer in Thailand’s vice city, Bangkok. Bua Boonmee gives us an insight into the life of one of the capital’s bar girls and exposes the exploitation and degradation which these girls face on a daily basis.

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The Group

The Group by Muriel Moran is now available to download on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and iTunes. It will als...

Ebooks and Nook

All our titles are now available from the Nook and Barnes and Noble platforms in digital format. Our...

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