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Maurice Bo BO Ward
We are once again urging anyone who has information on the murder of Maurice ‘Bo Bo’ Ward to con...

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John Mooney

John Mooney is one of Ireland's leading journalists and an expert on crime and terrorism. He currently reports on crime for the Sunday Times and regularly contributes to BBC, RTE, and Channel 4 news programmes.

Books by John Mooney

A-Z of Irish Crime, The
by John Mooney with Jean Harrington

This book is a highly entertaining introduction to the world of criminal slang.

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Black Operations
by John Mooney with Michael O'Toole

Revised edition. Black Operations is the acclaimed bestseller on the Real IRA and the Omagh bombing. For the first time, the top secret world of Irish espionage and spying is revealed. From bugging stolen cars to paying off Dublin gangsters with hard cash, the authors expose the covert and often ruthless tactics used by the Garda special branch to ensnare key Real IRA activists. 

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by John Mooney

Gangster is the critically acclaimed biography of John Gilligan, the biggest drugs trafficker to emerge from the Irish underworld. The book is an extraordinarily account of how a young Dubliner became a multi-millionaire criminal. It uses first-hand interviews with Gilligan, his thugs, friends, family, enemies, anti-drugs activists, members of the IRA and the police. It tells of violence, kidnapping, shootings, criminal espionage, drug dealing and how criminal gangs vied for power to control the Irish trade in drugs.Shocking, fascinating and frightening, Gangster also tells the story behind the murder of Veronica Guerin, the crime reporter. Fully updated and revised with new photographs.

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Rough Justice
by Bo-Bo Ward with John Mooney

Maurice Ward had just completed his autobiography when he was brutally murdered in front of his family. Rough Justice is his remarkable book. Sincere and refreshingly honest, Ward describles his life, documenting the tragic events which ultimately turned him into a vicious criminal

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Torso in the Canal, The
by John Mooney

John Mooney’s controversial new book explores the horrific killing and dismemberment of Kenyan immigrant Farah Swaleh Noor by Dublin sisters Linda and Charlotte Mulhall, dubbed the ‘Scissor Sisters’ by the media.

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