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Lissa Oliver, the author of Gala Day and Chantilly Dawns, is writing another thriller
I’ve heard it said that an author should write the book that’s missing from their bookshelf. Whi...

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Susan Aldous


Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Susan Aldous has lived in Thailand for the past 17 years. She campaigns for prisoner rights and volunteers for various projects. Susan is currently working on an accreditation system to improve standards of care in Thailand's hospitals..



Jenny Friel


Jenny Friel is a journalist and features writer with the Irish Mail on Sunday...

Shay Byrne


Shay Byrne was born in Drimnagh, Dublin in 1952. During...

Don Cheadle


Don Cheadle is one of America’s most acclaimed actors. He was nominated...

Paula Grieg


Now living in self-imposed exile in England, Paula was...

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