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Mango Rains
by Daniel Dorothy

Mango Rains is an engrossing true story about a young Thai girl who was born into a poor family. To buy a water buffalo and prevent the rest of the family from starving, her mother unknowingly sold Nid and her sister into prostitution.
When Nid becomes pregnant, her mamasan throws her out, and a kind family allow her to live with them, until her past becomes known. She moves to Bangkok with her baby, where she returns to prostitution. Finding it hard to cope as a single mother, she agrees to let a women mind her baby, but soon realises that she has been tricked. She is to spend the next 20 years searching for her baby girl, while at the same time, developing her own career as a successful singer.
Dorothy's web is a finely woven work of art. Enthralling, thrilling and beautifully written, he gloriously captures Thai culture by expressing the characters thoughts in authentic Eastern metaphors. While the story is full of twists and turns, it is ultimately one of triumph and hope as Nid is finally reunited with her daughter, and Lek finds the mother she never knew she had.


Mango Rains spans two generations of women, in a book that will leave the reader breathless.  That two women can have lives so devastating will come as a shock to those who imagine that Thai community life revolves around the common good.  This is not a tale of foreigners and Thais trying to outwit each other, but one of Thais taking advantage of other Thais.  It will put a new slant on life in the Land of Smiles.
Dr. Iain Corness, best selling author of “Farang” and “Farang, The Sequel”.
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Published: Jan 31, 2010
Format | 448 pages | B Format Paperback (198mmX129mm)
ISBN: 9781905379668

Avail: UK, Thailand: Jan 31, 2010

Latest News

16/12/2010 Mango Rains available for only 5,99 !
21/5/2010 Mango Rains reviewed in the Pattaya Mail
4/1/2010 Mango Rains released in Thailand
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