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In Fear of her Life by Frances Smith

In Fear of Her Life

The True Story of a Gangland Marriage

By Erin McCafferty

  • ISBN: 978-1905379040
  • Published: 1st February 2006

In Fear of Her Life” is the true story of domestic violence. It narrates in the first person, how a relationship can turn so sour. Frances Smith is a pseudonym for a woman who lived in fear of her life for 22 years. Married at 16 to a criminal, she endured years of relentless mental and physical torture until she found the strength to fight back. This is her courageous story told with brutal honesty and, at times, humour. It chronicles her descent to the brink of suicide and consequent rebuilding of her life. This unique account is essential reading for all those who have ever endured cruelty at the hands of a man, or another human being for that matter.

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