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A Sneak Peek into Musk Mania

Elon Musk is the ultimate Wavemaker. The founder of SpaceX, Tesla and PayPal, Musk refuses to drift on the waves of innovation, and instead creates waves on his own. In Musk Mania, Hans van der Loo and Patrick Davidson unravel Musk’s magic by showing us his five principles of success. Musk Mania gives an insight into the mindset and motivations of the man who wants to change the world. Enjoy a sneak peek into the book below:

(Authors Hans van der Loo and Patrick Davidson)

Some find Musk’s plans a little over the top. Others even call him megalomaniacal and reprehensible. As is often the case with outspoken personalities: you either love him or hate him. That first group is growing fastest. Everywhere he comes, people flock: officials considering him to be a new source of employment, managers who bask in his prophecies of the future and the general public, who can’t get enough of his sayings and inspirational stories. Musk fires revolutionary idea after revolutionary idea at us—new methods for generating energy, a hypersonic means of transportation, and a new way to dig tunnels. And more: he delivers as well.

In this book, we’ll expose the five guiding principles of the success of Wavemakers in general and those of Elon Musk in particular. Let’s not pretend Elon Musk is an unwritten page, however. An extensive biography appeared in 2015. Thousands of blogs and videos circulate on the internet. He’s been the subject of hundreds of articles. And yet, we still meet people who’ve never heard of him or can only name a few superficial facts: ‘Oh, that’s the guy with those electric cars’ or ‘Isn’t that the weirdo who wants to go to Mars?’

Aside from quick and easy access to the wondrous world of Musk, you’ll get the chance to get into his mind. Learn from him. Think big. Dare. Persevere. Be a Wavemaker. In your own way. There are few people who can or dare do what Musk does. And that’s just fine. But in a time where the waves of renewal are churning and slamming into each other, it’s imperative you light the flame of renewal within yourself.

When asked, only 20 per cent of the Dutch employees say they consider themselves an instigator of change. That must mean 80 per cent does not. We hope that reading this book will give you that spark. Let Musk be an example in allowing the Wavemaker principles to set your imagination on fire. And then take the step from dreaming and thinking to doing: use the principles to increase your own freedom of movement and achieve that which you deem unthinkable.

The five principles of making waves

  1. Offer hope in fearful times
  2. Be aware of all things
  3. Aim for Mars
  4. Play to win
  5. Move people

To make a truly world-changing wave, a personal touch is a key ingredient. For Elon Musk, it’s his exceptional personality profile and the unique combination of dreamer (vision), thinker (scientific reasoning) and doer (entrepreneur). No less important is the fact that he’s driven by a kind of primal force. This is what we mean with ‘mania’.

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Posted by John on 24th June 2019