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It’s time for a spring clean!

With this year’s annual spring clean underway at Maverick House, we have unearthed some gems that were released long before e-books and online shopping were the norm. Enter the likes of Paranormal Ireland and The Irish Ballerina. Along with other titles once thought long lost, we have decided to undertake an exciting project having found them.

Ever the mavericks here, we love daring to use the best technologies available in the world of publishing. One of our key beliefs is to get creative with the platforms our books are available on. This is why we’re currently in the process of making all of our titles available on Amazon, through their Print-on-Demand service. We aim to have our entire list available through P-o-D by the end of this year. Our customers can then purchase them forever, whenever they want.

As a publisher of books for the world, this is great for you, our readers. Our use of this service will make absolutely no difference to your shopping experience, cost, or where you are in the world. There will just be a greater selection of our titles to choose from. As well as this, each book will have international availability, along with next day delivery options. Once you have ordered one of our books, the request is sent to the nearest P-o-D printing centre to you. Once here, it is printed and bound in less than two hours. Impressive!

We hope that this exciting project of ours will inspire you to undertake one of your own. Happy spring cleaning!

If you want to read more about Amazon’s Print-on-Demand service here are some useful links:


Posted by John on 4th April 2017