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Reader reviews of Miss Bangkok as posted on

No one matters as much as the reader. Public endorsement and word of mouth is all that matters. Reviews in newspapers and on radio are irrelevant. Public opinion is what matters to us. Here are a selection of reviews posted on Amazon about Miss Bangkok. 


“Poverty causes people to do anything. This girl’s story tells it as it is, frankly and despairingly. Well worth reading to see it from the other side of the fence.”

“An excellent read showing a side of Thailand life that is not normally revealed. Attitudes towards women in Thailand must change.”

“A thought provoking read with insight into the BG’s (Bar Girls) perspective. A sad tale really, but one that is fairly common from what I have seen traveling LOS.”

“No shortage of books detailing the adventures/misadventures of farangs in Thailand, but rarely do you see a book written as well read as this one from the “other side”. I commend the author for putting into words her story. Her childhood, upbringing, education and introduction into the skin-trade is covered as well as the daily life at work.”

“I would’ve liked seeing more in the end of the book, ie. did she escape Patpong or her husband…but if she never did, at the very least…her story is told. If you get nothing more out of the book…at least treat BGs like human beings.”

“We should never complain about our life here in Australia. This story really makes you appreciate so much more about what we have available to us and the services and opportunities we take for granted.”

“A very sad tale of the lives of so many Thai girls. This was hard to read In some parts, the physical and emotional abuse endured by Bua was awful and all for the Thai custom of “saving face.”

“I enjoyed this book because of the Author’s honesty and uncomplicated writing style. I would recommend this book to anybody seeking an understanding of prostitution in Thailand.”

Posted by John on 3rd August 2015