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Stellt Das Buch Her, Make The Book

Stellt Das Buch Her


Maverick House was among the hundreds of exhibitors who took part in this year’s international book fair at Frankfurt in Germany. The buch messe is the largest event of its kind in the world, where publishers gather to showcase their latest projects.

We began attending Frankfurt Book Fair shortly after our inception in 2002. The buch messe has since become a key date in our  calendar – a week of non-stop meetings with our publishing partners, distributors and agents.

Our key objective at this year’s fair was expanding our distribution reach to include the United States and Canada. We also set about forging new relationships with printers, typesetters, designers, freight transporter firms and tech companies.  We accomplished what we set out to do.

Looking ahead, 2020 is likely to be an exciting year for Maverick House. We have commissioned severakl new titles and are to start publishing fiction – books we consider worthwhile. Much of the groundwork for our plans were completed and finalised at the buch messe.




2019 Frankfurt Book Fair


Posted by John on 21st October 2019