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World Book and Copyright Day 2017

World Book and Copyright Day is an opportunity to highlight the power of books to promote a vision of knowledge societies that are inclusive, pluralistic, equitable, open and participatory for all citizens. This World Book and Copyright Day at Maverick House, where free thinking abounds, we want to let our wonderful authors do the talking. Below are a selection of quotes from a number of our titles that offer a flavour of what you can expect from each book. Enjoy and Happy Book Day!

“As the events unfolded at Jadotville, there were times when individual soldiers wondered why they were fighting for their lives under a searing African sun far  from home.” – Siege at Jadotville

“Would I be a victim of my birthplace forever? Despite having tried everything to correct my past, it continued to haunt me. I remained and always would be an orphan. I could not reseed my roots.” – The Boy With A Bamboo Heart

“Why should you let him ruin your life? If you do, then he has won.” – In Fear of her Life

“Would you want a girl like me for a girlfriend? You know what I do for work… I will never have a husband. Okay, no problem. I can be happy when I go back and take care of my baby and my family. This is what I want. To be happy.” – Angels of Pattaya

“Have you ever thought that you might once have been a squid?” – Farang

“I cannot claim to be a real hero, as I have ever done anything that could be claimed to be a world ‘first’ though in retrospect, riding a speeding motorcycle for the first time aged 42 isn’t bad, I suppose.” – Farang: The Sequel

“People ask me if i believe in the prison system, do I believe that Bang Kwang can receive a hardened criminal and make him a better person to send back to live in a normal society?” – The Last Executioner

“If you wanted trouble, I was your man.” – Rough Justice


Posted by John on 23rd April 2017