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Angels of Pattaya

Angels of Pattaya

Inside the secret world of Thai Prostitution

By GT Gray

  • ISBN: 978-1-908518-09-5
  • Published: 1st March 2012

Angels of Pattaya offers an insightful collection of interviews with a number of prostitutes working in Thailand. The women are given a rare opportunity to tell their story in their own words.

The women reveal how they became involved in the business, their hopes for the future and what they think of their “customers”. Some are from the poorest rural provinces of Thailand, others come from relatively well-to-do families in the cities. Some are in the business of desperation for money, others out of greed. While others see it as an easy lifestyle of drinking with friends all night and sleeping until the afternoon. A few hope to meet a good man who will take them away from prostitution.

‘In my life many thing happen no good. I not know why. I am not a bad person. If I cry, I cry everyday. So I stop, now nothing make me cry again. And my heart turn hard.’

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