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Trauma in the Newsroom

By Chris Lindsay with Leona O’Neill

  • ISBN: 978-1-908518-69-9
  • Published: 4th October 2022

Breaking: Trauma in the Newsroom is a collection of stark, brutal and courageous stories written by some of Ireland and Britain’s most renowned journalists, camera men and broadcasters. They write about how their careers impacted their mental health, left some with PTSD, others anxiety and depression – and even made some walk away from their hard-fought for dream jobs after being worn down by a conveyor belt of trauma. 

These are stories of vulnerability, courage and resilience, stories that will resonate with journalists worldwide. These are stories that will help start an important global conversation on nurturing good mental health in the newsroom, stories that will smash the damaging mindset that journalists need to be hard-nosed and thick skinned in order to survive in the tough world of news. 

Breaking takes the reader from the troubled back streets of Belfast to the carnage of war in Lebanon, from the minefields of Iraq, to a claustrophobic courtroom in Mauritius, to the starving refugee camps of Bangladesh and back around the world again in a collection of raw, powerful and poignant chapters from the frontline of modern journalism.

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