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ChantillyDawns by Lissa Oliver

Chantilly Dawns

By Lissa Oliver

  • ISBN: 978-1-907221-30-9
  • Published: 1st May 2011

Chantilly Dawns is a gripping horse racing thriller by Lissa Oliver.

When top jockey Marcel Dessaint loses his racing licence, his whole world falls apart. Accused of deliberately pulling up healthy horses, Marcel is passed a verdict of ‘Gross Misconduct’ and forced to face the enmity of his peers. With a famous face and nowhere to hide in Chantilly, Marcel becomes an outcast in the only world he knows.

With The Derby now out of his reach, he struggles to overcome his own self-doubt, while battling to uncover the truth behind the horses’ defeats and clear his name.

As he gradually fears he may have been betrayed by one of his closest friends, he discovers all too late that it’s not just his license on the line. Lives are at stake.

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