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Miss Bangkok

Memoirs of a Thai Prostitute

By Bua Boonmee with Nicola Pierce

  • ISBN: 978-1-905379-43-9
  • Published: 11th September 2007

Miss Bangkok uncovers the hidden world of a go-go dancer in Thailand’s vice city, Bangkok.

Bua Boonmee gives us an insight into the life of one of the capital’s bar girls and exposes the exploitation and degradation which these girls face on a daily basis.

After years of struggling with mundane low-paid jobs, Bua decided to try working as a hostess in a Japanese bar in Bangkok, only a few minutes walk from the city’s notorious red light district, Patpong Road. There, Bua met her first ‘sugar daddy’, and got a glimpse of Patpong girls, never imagining she would become one herself years later.

Things got worse when she rushed into a relationship with her second husband, an unemployed conman and alcoholic wife-beater. In fear of losing her job at the Japanese bar, she attempted an abortion of her second child by drinking a Chinese potion. Fortunately, the boy was born healthy. Struggling to survive and care for her children, she decided to become a go-go dancer, sleeping with strangers for money.

In this revealing memoir, Bua speaks of the loneliness and desperation that results from working in the loveless sex industry, finally dispelling misconceptions held by many, and divulging secrets, tricks of her trade, and everything else that goes on behind closed doors.

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