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Welcome To Hell

Welcome to Hell

One man's fight for life inside the Bangkok Hilton

By Colin Martin

  • ISBN: 978-0-954870-77-5
  • Published: 27th May 2005

Written from his cell and smuggled out page by page, Colin Martin’s autobiography chronicles an innocent man’s struggle to survive inside one of the world’s most dangerous prisons.

After being swindled out of a fortune, Colin was let down by the hopelessly corrupt Thai police. Forced to rely upon his own resources, he tracked down the man who conned him and, drawn into a fight, he accidentally killed that man’s bodyguard. Colin was arrested, denied a fair trial, convicted of murder and thrown into prison, where he remained for 8 years.

Honest and often disturbing, but told with a surprising humour, Welcome to Hell is the remarkable story of how Colin was denied justice again and again.

Welcome to Hell

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'A fascinating read, horrifying and entertaining in equal measure. Superbly written.' --

Liverpool Echo

'No matter how much you try, you cannot possibly imagine the terror and horror endured by Colin Martin.'

The Irish Examiner