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With Bare Hands

The story of The Human Spider

By Alain Robert

  • ISBN: 978-1-905379-55-2
  • Published: 2nd September 2008

Overcoming vertigo — and countless injuries which left him officially 60% disabled — Alain Robert has scaled over 70 skyscrapers worldwide: from the Petronas Towers in Malaysia to Taipei 101, from Chicago’s Sears Tower to Canary Wharf in London.

Reward and punishment have been received in equal measure — the flamboyant Frenchman has gained international fame and raised thousands of pounds for charity, but has also been arrested, beaten and prosecuted.

Many people ask whether it is madness to undertake such perilous ascents without using safety equipment. But in Alain Robert’s view, it is madness not to follow your dreams! With Bare Hands is the inspiring story of a man who has conquered fear and exceeded his own limits: the world’s greatest urban climber.

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