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Steven Maxwell on writing The Dark Confides

The Dark Confides, my second published novel, follows an undercover police officer falling through the topological space of his own fractured psyche and the real-world consequences of his nightmare descent. It is a story overtly concerned with the multiple...

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Posted by John on 1st November 2019

Exclusive Extract from The Dark Confides by Steven Maxwell

They came for him in the night. He was sleeping off a gutful of whisky in the corner of a run-down pub in Liverpool when he heard his name spoken. His real name. It rang down the years and...

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Posted by John on 28th October 2019

Stellt Das Buch Her, Make The Book

  Maverick House was among the hundreds of exhibitors who took part in this year’s international book fair at Frankfurt in Germany. The buch messe is the largest event of its kind in the world, where publishers gather to...

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Posted by John on 21st October 2019

A Sneak Peek into Musk Mania

Enjoy this sneak peek into Hans van der Loo and Patrick Davidson's book on Elon Musk's five principles of success. It's currently part of Amazon's Kindle Flash Sale for just £0.99!

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Posted by John on 24th June 2019

The Miracle of Fatima Mansions

A sneak peek into Shay Byrne's life of drug addiction, crime and prostitution in the Fatima Mansions. Get it in Amazon's Kindle Flash Sale today for just £0.99!

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Posted by John on 24th June 2019

The Film Critics Loved A Prayer Before Dawn

Billy Moore’s A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare attracted critical acclaim from some of the most respected film critics in the world. The film was declared a triumph in immersive story-telling. We have gathered a selected of the best...

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Posted by John on 13th December 2018

Marcel Dessaint in conversation with Lissa Oliver

Marcel: No idea! I’ve never really thought of myself as heart-throb material, but I seem to come across that way on paper! How old were you at the time? About 16 or 17. I suppose as a writer, even...

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Posted by John on 30th November 2018

Elon Musk is an INTJ. What’s that? Read this exclusive extract from Musk Mania

Elon Musk is an INTJ. This is a four-letter code of the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, one of the world’s most frequently used tools for mapping out personality profiles. Those letters stand for: Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T) and...

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Posted by John on 17th August 2018

The Boxing Team

The prison boxing team trained hard, very hard. Every time I tried to enter the gym I was told to go away. “You no welcome,” said a tired, old-looking Thai trainer who called himself the Black Superman. Whenever I...

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Posted by John on 17th August 2018

US movie poster for A Prayer Before Dawn

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Posted by John on 26th July 2018

A Prayer Before Dawn – Film Review

The film adaption of Billy Moore’s A Prayer Before Dawn was released in Ireland, Britain and various European countries last week to critical acclaim. Joe Cole, the actor who played Billy, has delivered the performance of his life while...

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Posted by John on 26th July 2018

The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel

Netflix has just released the third season of Narcos, its groundbreaking drama which tells the story of organised crime in Colombia. The first two seasons focused Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel. This series will focus ostensibly on Escobar’s...

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Posted by John on 10th September 2017

Lissa Oliver: Write What You Know And Learn If You Don’t

Write what you know is what we’re constantly advised as writers and you have only to look at the Maverick stable of authors to see that put into practise. Even fiction is heavily reliant on fact and real-life experience,...

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Posted by John on 4th September 2017

Who was The Last Executioner?

Chavoret Jaruboon was the man who would become the last executioner behind the single sub-machine gun in Thailand’s infamous Bang Kwang Prison. However, Chavoret’s path to the notorious role of executioner was not a straight forward one.   Chavoret...

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Posted by John on 1st September 2017

Chapter Nine – The Last Executioner

A sneak peak into the gripping tale told in Chavoret Jaruboon's story, The Last Executioner. Make sure to head over to Amazon to buy a copy for your Kindle today as The Last Executioner is currently only £0.99!

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Posted by John on 29th August 2017

The Maverick House Book Drop

Many book lovers will have heard of the new global movement of book giving led by The Book Fairies. The Book Fairies movement launched in March 2017 and seems to be going from strength to strength thanks to big...

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Posted by John on 26th July 2017

Ron Chepesiuk: Researching Narcos Inc.

            Readers of my book, Narcos Inc.: The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel, ask me how I did the research . My glib answer is: Not easily. My serious answer: with time and patience. I spent several...

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Posted by John on 17th July 2017

Lissa Oliver: Do I really need a good villain?

Not long after completing Sainte Bastien I found myself in need of a new Hero, around whom to base my next novel. I’m now two chapters into the novel-in-progress and this time I’m short one Villain. I prefer to...

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Posted by John on 13th July 2017

Stellar reviews of Follow Me: Leading From The Front

Follow Me: Leading From The Front has been showered with well-deserving praise since its release. Below are some reader reviews extracted from Goodreads to whet your appetite for our ultimate leadership guide: “If you are going to change your...

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Posted by John on 6th July 2017

The Power of a Book by Lissa Oliver

  One of the great pleasures of being a writer is being invited to facilitate creative writing classes and workshops, encouraging would-be and burgeoning writers to find confidence. Lack of self-belief is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. The...

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Posted by John on 28th June 2017

Miss Bangkok: A Voice from Bangkok

When most people think of Thailand they picture one of two starkly different images. The first is an image of a n idyllic Buddhist country, filled with beautiful temples and stunning scenery; the image that brings both pride and...

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Posted by John on 19th June 2017

The Truth About Life as a Publishing Intern

What English student doesn’t dream of spending a life surrounded by books? Interning is the first step in most publishing careers, a title that is soaked in horror stories of months spent making tea and collecting the boss’s dry...

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Posted by John on 16th June 2017

Narcos Inc and Netflix

“Mr Escobar is sick, a psycho, a lunatic… he thinks that a criminal can win a war against the state. I think that is absurd.” – Gilberto Rodriguez, Cali cartel “chairman”    For those of you living in a...

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Posted by John on 15th June 2017

The Suspect – What Happened Next

Did  you ever wonder what became of Joe O’Reilly, the subject of Jenny Friel’s book The Suspect? O’Reilly was convicted for the murder of his wife Rachel in July 2007 at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. His story attracted international attention from the media...

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Posted by John on 11th June 2017

Lissa Oliver: The pen is mightier than the sword in changing society

Although I’m a fiction writer, most of my other fellow Maverick House authors tell of their own experiences and so many of those are quite disturbing. When I see how people suffer as a result of background, community or...

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Posted by John on 1st June 2017

Ron Chepesiuk on The Brothers Rodriguez – The True Kings of Cocaine

With the current focus on Mexico and its most infamous drug Lord, El Chapo Guzman, it is easy to forget that up until the late 1990s, Colombia was the center of the Latin American drug trade. While Pablo Escobar,...

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Posted by John on 30th May 2017

Susan Aldous on her Memories of Unforgettable Ladies

Ten years ago, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol and I, began researching and interviewing ladyboys for our book of the same title. Initially, we were asked to find one protagonist to encapsulate the transgender experience. This of course was impossible. Maverick House agreed to...

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Posted by John on 23rd May 2017

The critics have fallen for A Prayer Before Dawn

“Cole delivers a performance full of fight, filth and fury as druggie-turned-Thai boxer Billy Moore, who wrote the memoir on which this is based. Prayer’s prayers have been answered with good sales to territories worldwide, but it’s most natural...

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Posted by John on 16th May 2017

On fictional friends with Lissa Oliver

As a writer, I can’t keep delegating work to the characters of Sainte Bastien, so it’s time to blog myself! I don’t usually have a lot to write about when it comes to myself, but it has been an...

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Posted by John on 12th May 2017

From Asia to Ottawa: the launch of L’enfant au Coeur de Bambou

Ottawa native and author Chantal Jauvin presented the newly translated French edition of The Boy with a Bamboo Heart on April 27th, 2017 to an audience at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada. The book was named Book of the Lunar...

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Posted by John on 9th May 2017

Cover Reveal: Narcos Inc.

Here is the cover of our forthcoming publication Narcos Inc: The Rise and Fall of the Cali Cartel. The inspiration behind this cover comes from the infamous scorpion symbol found on drug packages that the Cali cartel trafficked. Narcos...

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Posted by John on 8th May 2017

Chiang Mai Surprise: A Prayer Before Dawn

‘I have always been a rebel without a cause, always defended the underdog, and always fought other people’s battles. In this case, I was helping Also, a fat, old Italian and his American buddy, John. Both these guys were...

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Posted by John on 5th May 2017

Leadership Lessons: Paul Heitsch on narrating Follow Me

Paul Heitsch is an audiobook narrator, educator and audio production professional. His studio is located in the serene Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia in the USA. It is from here that he narrated Follow Me: Leading From The Front by Kim Kristensen....

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Posted by John on 30th April 2017

The Murder of Maurice ‘Bo Bo’ Ward

‘Crime is the most addictive drug in the world. It consumes you. When you commit a crime for the first time, the feeling overwhelms you. There is no turning back. You never forget it. That rush of adrenaline pumping...

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Posted by John on 27th April 2017

World Book and Copyright Day 2017

World Book and Copyright Day is an opportunity to highlight the power of books to promote a vision of knowledge societies that are inclusive, pluralistic, equitable, open and participatory for all citizens. This World Book and Copyright Day at...

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Posted by John on 23rd April 2017

Introducing: Follow Me

In November of 2007 I took one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make as a leader. I was heading up the Danish battalion in Helmand Province in Afghanistan, and as battle group commander I...

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Posted by John on 18th April 2017

Writing Farang

In my mind, I became an author around 2007. I had written feature articles for many magazines prior to 2007, but there were many short stories relating to life in Thailand, my home since 1997. I wondered could these...

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Posted by John on 17th April 2017

It’s time for a spring clean!

With this year’s annual spring clean underway at Maverick House, we have unearthed some gems that were released long before e-books and online shopping were the norm. Enter the likes of Paranormal Ireland and The Irish Ballerina. Along with...

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Posted by John on 4th April 2017

L’enfant au Couer de Bambou: Uncharted territory for Maverick House

It is a story of universality, and a tale of triumph in the face of unspeakable adversity. Here at Maverick House we are very excited about the impending release of L’enfant au Coeur de Bambou. It is our much-anticipated and...

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Posted by John on 30th March 2017

Jadotville in Retrospect

What a year it has been for Siege at Jadotville. We have seen the momentum build to the point where Jadotville has grown legs taken on a life of its own. Having seen this project grow from its humble...

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Posted by John on 21st December 2016
Boorman Power War

War and Filmmaking: John Boorman, Declan Power and Sean Rocks in Conversation at DBF2016.

We sit on wooden benches on the Friday evening of Dublin Book Festival, the audience clustered together, waiting in anticipation for the discussion on war and filmmaking to begin. A restored old stone wall with beautiful arched windows towers...

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Posted by John on 15th November 2016

Interview with Chantal Jauvin

Chantal Jauvin takes time out from cycling in Sardinia and Sicily to discuss the publication in French of The Boy With A Bamboo Heart. We’ve to discuss the translation of the book but I’m curious to know how she...

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Posted by John on 25th October 2016

Kevin Kenerly to narrate audiobook of Kevin Shird’s ‘Lessons of Redemption’

Maverick House is proud to announce that the audiobook of Kevin Shird’s Lessons of Redemption is to be read by Kevin Kenerly, an American actor from Detroit.  Kenerly has worked on a number of diverse audiobooks in his career, including...

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Posted by John on 13th October 2016

The Torso in the Canal: Women on the Wrong Side of the Law

Eleven and a half years ago, a man was murdered in his Dublin city centre home. Some days later, remnants of Farah Swaleh Noor’s dismembered body were discovered in the Royal Canal.  The incident has been dubbed Ireland’s “most...

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Posted by John on 11th October 2016

Netflix’s The Siege of Jadotville: A Review

Richie Smyth’s The Siege of Jadotville premiered across Irish cinemas two weeks ago, on Monday September 19th, to a roaring success.  It’s a thoughtful, clever film made with the aim of shedding light on a “corner of history,” as...

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Posted by John on 6th October 2016
Holding Out For a Hero

Holding Out For A Hero

Lissa Oliver has taken to our blog again, this time addressing her writing process and how characters play an integral role in the creation of her stories. I did say that as an author I have little to blog...

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Posted by John on 26th September 2016

Photos from the Jadotville Veterans Ceremony, Saturday September 17th 2016

On Saturday September 17th, 55 years after the siege at Jadotville, the veterans from A Company were gathered for a ceremony to commemorate their services during their mission to the Congo. For the first time in Irish military history,...

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Posted by John on 21st September 2016
Live Q&A after 'Jadotville' Screening with [L-R] screenwriter Kevin Brodbin, actor Jamie Dornan, director Richie Smyth and producer Alan Moloney.

Post-Premiere Chats with Richie Smyth and Jamie Dornan on the Ryan Tubridy Show

In the wake of the long awaited premiere of The Siege of Jadotville this morning, director Richie Smyth and leading actor Jamie Dornan joined Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio 1 to discuss last night’s occasion. Smyth and Dornan give...

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Posted by John on 20th September 2016
Jadotville Premiere

Photos from the Premiere of ‘The Siege of Jadotville’

Our team at Maverick House were some of the few individuals lucky enough to attend the Irish premiere of Netflix’s The Siege of Jadotville in Dublin’s Savoy cinema last night.  The film is a close adaptation of Declan Power’s account...

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Posted by John on 20th September 2016

‘Jadotville’ on the Air

If you have a spare moment this afternoon, why not get some background history on the events of Siege at Jadotville?  Declan Power’s captivating account of Irish soldiers’ bravery in Katanga, the Congo, in 1961 has brought long-awaited honour...

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Posted by John on 19th September 2016
siege at jadotville september 13 1961

The 55th Anniversary of the Siege at Jadotville

In 1961, Irish forces were dispatched to the Congo as part of a peacekeeping mission from the UN. A Company, part of the 35th battalion, was stationed at Jadotville. On September 13, in the middle of a morning Mass, they were...

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Posted by John on 13th September 2016
Dominic Marchant Blog

Dominic Marchant’s Blog (Prelude to Sainte Bastien)

As I delegate my blog duties to the characters in my latest novel, Sainte Bastien, this week it may have been easier to write it myself! The main antagonist, apprentice jockey Dominic, proves typically tight-lipped: Dominic’s blog I’ve been...

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Posted by John on 7th September 2016

Kym Hughes’ Blog (Prelude to Sainte Bastien)

As an author, I have very little to blog about, so I have asked the characters of my latest novel, Sainte Bastien, to write blogs instead! Let’s hear from Sainte Bastien’s new retained stable jockey, Kym Hughes: Kym Hughes’...

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Posted by John on 30th August 2016
Kevin Shird The Life of an Ex-Offender

Kevin Shird on the Life of an Ex Offender

For a guy getting out of prison finding a job can be difficult, if not impossible for many.  Baltimore has an estimated 6,000 men and women returning to the city every year after serving time in jails and prisons...

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Posted by John on 23rd August 2016
Mark Ashton's Blog (written by Lissa Oliver)

Mark Ashton’s Blog (Prelude to Sainte Bastien)

My publisher, among others, requested a blog, but as I do very little of interest other than create stories and characters, I thought those characters were in a better position to write an interesting blog! So my first port...

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Posted by John on 18th August 2016

Our best books to read whilst visiting Thailand

Thailand is also the inspiration for excellent books that have become essential reads for thousands of travellers and backpackers. Here are our top five recommended books for those of you about to visit Thailand and its neighbouring countries.

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Posted by John on 16th August 2016
Kevin Shird

Money Laundering 101 with Kevin Shird

Money laundering 101 is a rule that you never, under any circumstance, put large amounts of money into a US bank account.  Maybe a few thousand dollars here or there but you never put large sums in a US...

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Posted by John on 4th August 2016

TIME, Radio Waves and TV Appearances: Maverick Authors Out in the Wild

Maverick Authors are a dynamic bunch; this week two journalist and a social equality advocate took to the media, taking over traditional media like there was no tomorrow. Between them, Lissa Oliver, Kevin Shird, and Declan Power appeared on...

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Posted by John on 29th July 2016
Kevin Shird

Kevin Shird has been rocking the media!

This week, Kevin Shird has been visiting Ireland the UK. He travelled in on Monday morning, braving the blistering Irish sunshine for an early morning interview with RTE’s own Sean O’Rourke, before a brief respite for his afternoon’s affairs....

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Posted by John on 21st July 2016

Reviews from the Premiere of Jadotville

Jadotville premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh this weekend, ahead of its Netflix release later this year. Based on the book by Declan Power, and starring ’50 Shades’ actor Jamie Dornan, the film tells the story of the 1961...

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Posted by John on 12th July 2016

Images from the new Netflix movie Jadotville staring Jamie Dornan


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Posted by John on 3rd July 2016
Chavoret Jaruboon

The opening pages of The Last Executioner by Chavoret Jaruboon

23 November 1984. There were three that day; I shot two. The day before, I had celebrated my 36th birthday, but that day I had to prepare myself to kill a man for the first time. Ten years of experience had...

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Posted by John on 2nd May 2016

Rough Justice: Memoirs of a Gangster by Maurice Ward

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Posted by John on 7th March 2016

The Suspect. For those who like reading books on murder.

WITH THE SOUND of her heart pounding loudly in her ears, Rose Callaly drove as quickly as she could in the direction of her daughter’s home. Gripping the steering wheel tightly, she did her best to calm herself down...

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Posted by John on 15th February 2016

Extracted from Lessons of Redemption by Kevin Shird

It was a freezing cold February night. My breath froze to a mist as soon as I exhaled. Exposed fingertips would become numb within minutes due to the brutal night air. Even the stray dogs that roamed the alleyways...

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Posted by John on 26th December 2015

Obit of Zoltan Zinn Collis, the author of Final Witness, whose anniversary falls today.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Zoltan Zinn Collis, the author of Final Witness. The book tells the story of Zoltan’s survival at the hands of the Nazi. In Bergen-Belsen concentration camp he survived the inhuman brutality of...

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Posted by John on 10th December 2015

Glowing Reviews of The Boy With A Bamboo Heart on

By Phuong Nguyen on November 11, 2015 Verified Purchase The most remarkable thing about the book is the steady flow of insightful word choice revealing a depth of sensitivity, skill and dedication that Chantal Jauvin adopted in writing the...

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Posted by John on 16th November 2015

Thai Prisons by Billy Moore

Thai prison, like all prisons, reveals the dark side of a person’s soul. It is how people behave when there are no constraints and outside limits are non-existent. All the fury of the Thai people against the neo-colonial economic...

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Posted by John on 15th November 2015

Finding the voice: The Boy With A Bamboo Heart

“Your story is solid, but it needs to be written in the first person.” We had not even started the four-day writing retreat in Hua Hin Thailand, and already the workshop leader had determined that the two years I...

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Posted by John on 29th October 2015


One of the most important things we did at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair was to streamline our rights representation. Anyone who keeps tabs on Maverick House will know that we have been arranging significant deals on behalf of...

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Posted by John on 17th October 2015

The Thailand Life blog has reviewed The Boy With a Bamboo Heart

This review has appeared on, an influential blog that publishers articles and views on just about everything about Thailand. It has been a while since I read a really good “life-story” book from a Thai author. In fact,...

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Posted by John on 11th October 2015

Chapter One of The Boy With A Bamboo Heart

Ban Sawai Jeek, 1941 MY MOTHER slipped away in the middle of the night without saying good-bye. Life trickled out of her over a period of three days and then she was gone. It was an illness that even...

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Posted by John on 27th September 2015

The Boy With A Bamboo Heart

Chantal Jauvin on writing the Boy With A Bamboo Heart; the story of Dr Amporn Wathanavongs, the foster father to 50,000 poor Thai children. YOK TUGS at my hand. She wants me to walk faster. I speak no Thai,...

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Posted by John on 21st September 2015

The Circle of Life: Dr Amporn, Circa 1963, The Angel Center, Bangkok, Thailand

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Posted by John on 17th September 2015

Doing Time by Kevin Shird

If you’ve ever been incarcerated you will know that nothing seems to go as you originally planned. You thought you knew where you’d do your time, but that gets switched up on you. Your lawyers told you they’d stay on...

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Posted by John on 7th September 2015


Traditional media organisations usually hire people with specialist expertise to review books in their chosen fields of expertise. Security experts review books on crime and terrorism. Historians write lengthy reviews on new books about history. And so on. There...

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Posted by John on 16th August 2015

Reader Reviews of A Prayer Before Dawn Posted Amazon

We have always believed that customer reviews posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs are what really matters. When someone takes the time to write a review, especially a good one, it means a lot to both...

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Posted by John on 9th August 2015

Introducing Dr Amporn: The Boy With A Bamboo Heart

This is a feature length article published in August 2005 by UCA News on Dr Amporn Wathanavongs, whose autobiography will be published by Maverick House in October. The book is written by Chantal Jauvin, whose writing has captured the essence of the...

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Posted by John on 6th August 2015

What we want? How to submit books to Maverick House?

We love good books. Maverick House exists to publish them. We appreciate and respect all the time and effort that authors invest in their writing. Writing is blood, sweat and tears. It is unlike anything else. Real writing isn’t a pleasure; it’s a grind. Writing non-fiction,...

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Posted by John on 4th August 2015

Reader reviews of Miss Bangkok as posted on

No one matters as much as the reader. Public endorsement and word of mouth is all that matters. Reviews in newspapers and on radio are irrelevant. Public opinion is what matters to us. Here are a selection of reviews...

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Posted by John on 3rd August 2015

Welcome to Hell: Colin Martin’s enduring story of serving time in a Thai Prison

The journalist Tony Barrett published this story on Colin Martin in the Liverpool Echo in 2006 when his book Welcome to Hell was released in the UK. Welcome to Hell went on to become a bestseller in Ireland, Britain and...

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Posted by John on 30th July 2015
The Cup by Philip Reid

The Cup – The Introduction

IT IS ONLY VERY OCCASIONALLY that those of us on the outside of professional sport get a true insight into that elite world. I have always liked Ernie Els and, a few years ago, I could have hugged him...

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Posted by John on 29th July 2015
Chavoret Jaruboon

The Last Executioner

This article about Chavoret Jaruboon by Richard S. Ehrlich appeared in The Washington Times in June, 2007.  He shot 55 men and women in the back, killing them with a burst of bullets aimed at the heart, while each was...

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Posted by John on 27th July 2015

Heroes of Jadotville recognised by Ireland

In honour of the Officers, NCOs and men of ‘A’ Company 35 Infantry Battalion United Nations Force in Congo (ONUC) who had the misfortune to suffer so much at Jadotville in the province of Katanga in September 1961. ‘A’...

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Posted by John on 23rd July 2015
Chantal Jauvin

Conversation is alive in France

It started in Brussels, but it was not until a few days into cycling in Normandy that it dawned on me. I was relaxing and experiencing an unnatural sense of lightness in the busy cafés. I leafed through the...

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Posted by John on 29th June 2015

The opening pages of Declan Power’s book on Jadotville

“Those that I fight I do not hate, Those that I guard I do not love” William Butler Yeats, An Irish Airman Foresees His Death   The cry went up, “Le majeur irlandais!” and the crowd surged forward, straining to grasp...

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Posted by John on 27th June 2015
Sainte Bastien by Lissa Oliver

Author Lissa Oliver is writing another novel

I’ve heard it said that an author should write the book that’s missing from their bookshelf. While it’s sound advice, I couldn’t imagine doing otherwise. In my day job as a horseracing journalist I only write the features that...

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Posted by John on 17th June 2015
Siege at Jadotville by Declan Power

Declan Power writes on Jadotville

The news that at last a film will be made about the stand taken by Irish troops at Jadotville while serving with the UN force in the Congo has been welcomed across the board by the Irish defence family....

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Posted by John on 17th June 2015
Gangster by John Mooney

Gangster: The inside story on John Gilligan

John Gilligan was never one to mince his words. When I met him many years ago, he couldn’t help but brag about how much money he had amassed from drug dealing, hijackings and contraband smuggling. He was organised crime...

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Posted by John on 17th June 2015
A Prayer Before Dawn by Billy Moore

Prison Nightmare in Thailand

‘The first time I walked into my cell was like heading into the lion’s den. The room was big, but not big enough for the 70 people it held. The cell floor resembled a mass grave, with arms and legs...

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Posted by John on 17th June 2015
of god and men cover

Yes for Equality! Ireland votes

The historic landslide victory of the Yes vote (62-38) in the 22 May 2015 Irish referendum on same-sex marriage caught everyone by surprise, even the Irish themselves. The Archbishop of Dublin in the predominantly Catholic country has called for...

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Posted by John on 10th June 2015